Terroir, the sense of place is expressed merely in noble wines.
The color, aroma and flavor of wine are all influenced by the vineyards soil and climate.
The great quality and diversity of our three vineyards ensures a rich palette of flavors
and complexities that are expressed in our wines.

Our Vineyards

"Excellent wine begins in the vineyard. The most important aspect of winemaking is growing quality grapes."

Ronnie James had spent years to allocate the finest terroirs in the Judean Hills, west of Jerusalem. Today, Tzora Vineyards owns several vineyards, each with varying soils and meso-climates.

Our Wines

Our Wines

Tzora Vineyards wines are produced from our estate grown vineyards, and express the character of their terroir. The wines are named accordingly: 'Judean Hills' Red and Blanc, which reflect the historical wine region of Judean Hills; 'Shoresh' Red and Blanc, produced from grapes on ancient terraces of Shoresh vineyard; and the flagship wine - 'Misty Hills', which is being produced from a unique plot with an exceptional terroir.

The Team

Our small team shares a deep and profound love to the wonderful world of fine wine.

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