Misty Hills is produced from the winery's best vineyard plot. The wine’s name is a tribute to the morning mists that often lie upon our vineyards. These mists form as warm air from the Mediterranean collides with cool air descending from the mountains. Planted in stony soils along the slopes of the Judean Hills, our vineyards are uniquely located to take advantage of this climatic phenomenon.

Misty Hills 2016 is a blend of 55% Cabernet Sauvignon and 45% Syrah grapes sourced from the Meubanim plot in Shoresh vineyard. This plot is planted on a north-facing slope with shallow Terra-Rosa soil.

Misty Hills 2016 is a result of a joint work with our consultant, Mr. Jean-Claude Berrouet, the preceding Technical Director of Pétrus

The illustration on the Misty Hills label portrays the epitome of Terroir: The symbiotic bond between Soil, Vine and Man